Market Garden Internship

Purpose The goal is to introduce the intern with all aspects of the French intensive method, graduate from each level and qualify for an apprenticeship or college-level studies.  The goal is to learn physical work skills and the techniques to plant, cultivate, harvest, process, sell, deliver and make a profit.  The applicant will acquire practical experience with a broad array of high quality crops.  Knowledge will be acquired in the field and with the customer.  Farm’s manager will provide daily feedback, guidance, and mentorship.  The intern begins by assisting the manager.  

Responsibilities  Interns will acquire the skills of: direct seeding, plug transplanting, plant cultivation, crop health, irrigation & fertilization systems, harvesting, crop processing, crop sale & delivery, succession planting, bed & soil maintenance, production tracking, record keeping, customer relations and, cuisine literacy.  The applicant will learn practical techniques working with a wide range of high quality greens, flowers, vegetables, honey, ginger and mushrooms.  Applicants must be committed to six weeks of hard physical work and the growing season is approached as a team sport.  It’s an athletic event where collaboration, hustle and grit are prized skills.

Opportunity Interns will receive farming knowledge and compensation.   Interns who complete each 6 week level receive a bonus and graduate with the title of Level I, II or III Grower.  Interns will learn about food and participate in culinary projects such preserving, baking, beekeeping and menu development.  

Specification  The internship program begins on May 1st and ends on Sept 15th .  The program has 3 periods, each lasting 6 weeks.  Level I occurs May 1st to June 12th.  Level II occurs June 20th to July 31st.  Level III from August 1st to September 11th.  Interns must be 16 or older.  The intern is an hourly worker who is paid minimum wage.  Normally the work in the field is 8am to 2pm for 5 days.  However the applicant should expect to work on a moment’s notice from 7am to 5pm for six days a week during peak production periods.  Interns are allowed 1 excusable absence per week although 2 no-shows will result in discharge.  The applicant must be able to lift at least 50 pounds, ideally have a valid driver’s license, bring their own lunch, adapt to adversity, possess a positive mental attitude, accept direction from peers, wear appropriate clothes and work in extreme weather conditions.  Preference will be given to local applicants.  

Apply to Versailles Farms LLC, 56 Locust Road, Greenwich, CT06831, with a short summary of your qualifications (sporting activities), your aspirations, and a reference.  Please contact us with your time preferences for an interview.  We’re looking forward to meeting you!