Primo Oak Firewood

Primo Oak Firewood


Seasoned for over 2 years

Red Oak (Quercus rubra) is without a doubt the best firewood because of its density, its coaling qualities and its intense heat.  For anyone lucky enough to be outside the aroma is unforgettable.   1 pallet of this beautiful red-hued wood is split and stacked by hand.  After 2 years of seasoning it’s bone dry.  This is primo seasoned wood shrink wrapped (3'x3'x3').  Two pallets will typically last the season.

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Versailles Farms is a 5 acre backcountry Greenwich farm that hasn’t been logged since 1890.  It was originally purchased for The Ridgefield and New York Railroad in May 1876 to function as a back-country agricultural line, a farmer co-op investment intended to get their produce shipped to the New York markets and slated to run from Port Chester to Ridgefield.  The Mill in Glenville is the last remnant of that railroad.

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