Garden Bounty

Located in the backcountry of Greenwich Connecticut we’re blessed with beautiful soil and close proximity to our customers. In colonial times this area was the breadbasket for New York City. The 6 acre property is an abandoned agricultural railroad from 1876. We operate in harmony with the land to grow for flavor, nutrition and good digestion. The New York Times awarded us a “Do Not Miss” for Versailles Bistro and Patisserie, in 2010. When we use machines, equipment is selected for its minimal impact. We sell direct with an on-site farm stand and to a few select country clubs.


The Wreath

Versailles Farms' logo, the Wreath of Roses, 1817, is a watercolor painted by Pierre-Joseph Redoute.  Considered the greatest botanical illustrator of all time, Redoute’s Wreath served as the frontispiece for Les Roses or Josephine’s Roses published in 1824.  The roses used in the watercolor were taken from the finest collections in Paris and many were novelties in their time.  Redoute was the official court artist of Versailles Palace and Queen Marie Antoinette where he continued painting through the French Revolution.   Redouté survived the Reign of Terror to gain international recognition for his precise renderings of plants, which remain as fresh in the early 21st century as when first painted.


Les Roses is registered with the US Patent & Trademark Office as Versailles Farms’ logo.