Summer Stand’s Last Weekend…You Rebuilt a Village in Nepal

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Versailles Farm’s summer stand will close after this weekend.  We’re blessed with a bountiful harvest and great prosperity.   We’re cutting some new items like spinach, ginger, fennel and Brussels sprout.   Escarole, Tuscan kale, baby carrots and wild shiitake mushrooms are still available and delicious.

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Versailles Farms helped to rebuild a village in Nepal hit by the 2015 earthquake.  Your nickels and dimes helped us to build a medical clinic in the shadow of Mount Everest.  Thank you very much.  Namaste!  The Panchan Health Post was built on time and under budget when most of the big relief monies hadn’t been released yet.

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Next week we’re going back to Nepal to dedicate the Health Post with aplaque.  The people of Panchan pitched-in to build the clinic and Versailles Farms provided the money.  This grass roots collaboration accomplished what the government and the big money could not.  Again, thank you very much.

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Everyone lends a hand.  Check out the whole story.  It’s really amazing.

Let’s Rebuild a Village in Nepal.

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Versailles Farms