In Praise of the Lowly Collard Green

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Collard greens are one of the most underrated of all the dark green superfoods.  Collards contain anti-inflammatory properties, detoxifying compounds, as well as antioxidants. As a card carrying member of the brassica family of cruciferous vegetables, collard greens supply substantial amounts of fiber, calcium, iron, vitamin K, vitamin A, and vitamin C.  Collards promote longevity.


After the spring frost receded from New England and the Greenwich backcountry, the flavor of collard greens got sweeter, more tender.  Collards don't have the dull, neutral flavor of kale.  They have a distinct personality.  Before the first frost they have a slightly bitter flavor profile. 

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Southern cuisine has long combined collards with smoked meats such as ham hocks as well as black eyed peas, onions, vinegar, salt, or sugar. Cornbread is used to soak up the "pot liquor", a nutrient-rich collard broth.

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Versailles Farms is harvesting collard greens throughout the summer.  We use the baby leaves instead of tortillas as a wrap for spring rolls.  They're crunchy and tender and they won't tear apart.  There is no limit to the culinary possibilities that you will find from the lowly collard green.

Collard Greens Recipe

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